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Pretty Girl Rock

I knew it was only a matter of time after this dropped, before Ms. Keri baby stripped down to bare it all & in the immortal words of Danny Boy “I aint mad atcha”. Apparently Allure Magazine does this annually. Spotted at Necole’s. Hit the jump for the full body shot.

Happy B’Day DJ Premier

Big happy birthday to the OG homie DJ Premier. Long before I met this legend he had already contributed to me as an artist in numerous ways. Then Get It Done/Click happened & changed my life forever. I could never ever thank Premier enough for contributing to my music career but what I could do is help him have his cake & eat it too. So for his 45th spin on this planet earth I had Con Amore bake up some of their usual goodness. What better to get a DJ for his birthday than Technic 1200’s Hit the jump for flicks of the cake.

Happy Born Day……TO ME!!

Shouts to the whole Internal Affairs Entertainment & The William Santi Group for sending the bawwwwse bornday shouts. Thanks homies….

Face Off – Jared Jeffries vs. Swizz Beatz

With the readdition of the homie Jared Jeffries to the Knicks roster I thought it’d only be right to have him in this edition of Face Off. During his first stint here I always thought he looked like Alicia’s new boo, now let’s see what you think. I like son’s game though, he plays hard and he doesn’t have to be a scorer on this Knicks team so I think he’ll be a good fit this time around. #NYKnicks

Chris Brown Lost

Nah he didn’t really lose cause he already deed that!!. But damn I bet that Ye’ video took him down memory lane like a muthaf*cker. Anyways yall KNOW I do this for my culture & so here’s a compilation of Robyn’s screen shots from “All Of The Lights”. Pics after the jump, enjoy!

Kanye West ft. Everyone on Earth – All Of The Lights (Video)

So as yall may or may not know I’m a huge Kanye West music fan & even though MBDTF is my least fav of all his LP’s it has some heat on it. I’m not crazy about this joint but between Ye’s Jordan 3’s, Cudi’s red leather & Rihanna’s blouse EVERYTHING it HAS to be posted! Enjoy “All of the Lights”…

Face Off – Dondre vs J Cole

I’ve had a personal vendetta against Dondre Whitfield ever since he married AND seeded up Sally Richardson, but the good brother Strick pointed out what was too funny to deny & so Mr. Whitfield you will receive one & only one post on my blog. With that said I present to yall Face Off Dondre v. J Cole

Face Off – Freddy vs Royce

Every once in a awhile I come across a picture of someone that looks just like a picture of someone else. When that happens I like to share. Thus creating “Face Off”. This week I saw this Royce interview online & his look was distinctly familiar. Wonder if he had the glove too. Hit the jump for a couple more A-Alikes.

Heart Failure Available Now

I wanna thank everyone that came out to the “Heart Failure” release party last week. It’s always a humbling experience when I see the people that actually support my movement. I don’t wanna name names but I had some really amazing people come out last Thursday. THANK YOU ALL. Shouts to all the sponsors of the event as well. There were a few photographers in the building for sure, salute you all for the coverage. Click HERE for pictures from the release party courtesy of Photo Rob.

And now on to the reason we were celebrating. “Heart Failure” is available for sale NOW!!. In the 1st day we were able to crack the top 200 on iTunes, today I’d like to hit the top 100 or even top 50. I can’t do it without yall though. Head over to iTunes, leave a comment & grab a song or two….or eleven, haha. Thanks, without you there no me. Real Rap!

Time For Some Action!

So as we all know punk ass Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. This year my gift to you all is the “Heart Failure” EP/mixtape, my ode to all things right & wrong in a relationship. I also hooked up with my homies at FluD Watches to drop a collabo timepiece. The result of said collaboration the “Moment” Heart Failure Limited Edition watch. I’m very proud to have my own watch, I remember coming up I wanted a casio or a swatch, now I got my OWN, that’s pretty sick!!! Good looks to Bova on the design & again to FluD for making it happen. I hope you all like it & if so I hope you all cop one. Karmaloop got the hook up *No Master P* uhhhhhhhh!! The release party this past Thurs was ill. Pics & recap soon come. Check all 3 watch colors after the jump.

Taraji Says No To Fur!

That’s RIGHT!!! You tell ’em Yvette Taraji with ya nekkid self. Hahaha nah but in all seriousness fur for fashion sake is pretty primitive & brutal. Now I’m not fitna join PETA or throw paint on wifeys coat or anything, but for me the faux fur on my Triple Fat Goose is just fine. Salute Taraji for taking a stand….& salute that photographer. Common lost.

Weezy Was A Rolling Stone

Dwayne Michael Carter graces the cover of the latest Rolling Stone magazine to talk about his bid in prison & his bid to get that #1 spot back, every post release verse I’ve heard from him has been stoopid. Carter IV coming soon!! Full interview here, spotted at the (2)dopehouse.

And for sh*ts & giggles…

Happy Birthday Babygirl

Dame won & Kells still aint sh*t

This post is in honor of what would have been Aaliyah’s 32nd birthday, rest in peace. Hit the jump for one of my favs off the last LP she recorded.

Ambrosia (Amber x Rosa)

Am I totally feeding into their publicity stunt? YES. Do I dig hot chicks kissing? YES. Are you gonna hit the jump to watch the video? YES. ‘Nuff said.

Spotted at the 2Dopehouse


Gucci’s a Di*k

It’s not too often you’ll see a Gucci Mane post up here, but if you see it click it, cause I’m clownin’. I wish I could take credit for this photoshop phenom but I can’t. Maybe we were just on the same brain wave. Either way, salute that man!!

Heart Failure Cover Shoot

Behind every great photo is a great photo shoot, well maybe not always but this one was pretty good. Shouts to the homie Photo Rob & the young lady in the pictures. Hell I’ll even be nice & add a stream of the song playing in the clip. “Let It Go” produced by Khrysis & featuring the lovely “sounds” of Mone Divine. Heart Failure mixtape Feb 14th & iTunes tagless version Feb 15th.

XXXtina Aguilera

I’m sure a camel-toe can’t be a healthy thing for the vajay-jay, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to see a good one every once in a while. This latest pic from the genie in a bottle grants Tor a nice wish. Thanks ma’…

Hit the jump for that Preemo x Christina joint. Charles whattup!!

Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” Album Art

So apparently this is what Kanye submitted as his album artwork & it was banned. No way they’d be able to put this in Walmart fam. Listen as an artist I’m about the art but this….is that a titty?? Hey what do I know, hell what do yall think about it??? Good ass job or too twisted & dark?

The-Dream x Honey Mag

You already know I’m a fan so don’t act all surprised. LoveKing out June 29th. Full interview with the honies at Honey Mag here

Onika Tanya Maraj covers VIBE

Nicki Minaj pics on the Torae blog?? Damn right!!! F*ck what you thought. This blog will reveal a lot about me if nothing else. Enjoy this til the mag drops or the other pictures leak….


“They say I’m skinny now…

But I look big in a coupe”.

Man when Fifty spit those bars on “50 Shot Ya” back in ’03 I don’t think even he could’ve imagined this. Fast forward 7 years to 2010 & 50 Cent is slimmer than his bullet induced diet had him back in the day. Word is that Fif is starring in a new film “Thing Fall Apart” as a football player (believable) diagnosed with cancer (yiiikes) & he’s shed 60 pounds for the role. Now being slightly health & weight conscious myself I know what a task it is to drop 10, 20 even 30 lbs, but I can’t fathom what it would take to drop 60 lbs & in NINE WEEKS!!! Wow. That’s dedication. I’ve always admired 50’s drive. He’s very competitive & extremely focused, I mean you gotta respect a man that went from selling crack on Guy Brewer in Queens to selling 10 million records first time out. That’s impressive to say the least. I see these interwebs going crazy about how Fif looks & why’d he do it & he sucks & blah, blah, blah but I bet most of those commenters couldn’t shed half that weight in double the time it took him to do it. I tip my Yankee fitted to the homie for being that driven (even though Lloyd Banks says he wasn’t driven. To the venue that is, Lloyd says 50 would run to the venue from the hotel on tour sometimes up to 10 miles). What?!?!?! MADNESS.

Fif I’m back on deck myself man, just came in from a few hours in the gym and seeing those photos has me even more determined to get back in tip top shape. I salute you big homie. Job well done, now as for your acting in said film…that’s another story, hahaha…

flicks spotted at Curtis’