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Heart Failure Available Now

I wanna thank everyone that came out to the “Heart Failure” release party last week. It’s always a humbling experience when I see the people that actually support my movement. I don’t wanna name names but I had some really amazing people come out last Thursday. THANK YOU ALL. Shouts to all the sponsors of the event as well. There were a few photographers in the building for sure, salute you all for the coverage. Click HERE for pictures from the release party courtesy of Photo Rob.

And now on to the reason we were celebrating. “Heart Failure” is available for sale NOW!!. In the 1st day we were able to crack the top 200 on iTunes, today I’d like to hit the top 100 or even top 50. I can’t do it without yall though. Head over to iTunes, leave a comment & grab a song or two….or eleven, haha. Thanks, without you there no me. Real Rap!

Torae – Outta Here (ft. Mike Shorey) prod. by Woody

Here’s where the whole Heart Failure project begins on this song. All good right? let’s see where it’s at 11 tracks later. Big up to Woody on the beat & Mike Shorey on the hook. Lemme throw in some classic Mike Shorey & Fab after the jump.

Outta Here (ft. Mike Shorey) (Download)


Talib Kweli – I’m On It

New Kweli video off Gutter Rainbows produced by the homie Khrysis. Album in stores this Tuesday. Pre-order here.

iTunes Most Played Track (1/9-1/15)

As you probably know I absolutely love music & all most things related. With that said I’m starting a weekly post where I’ll put you on to what my iPod/iTunes says got the most burn for the week. For the inaugural post we have none other than one of my favorite new(ish) vocalists Jazmine Sullivan. This girl can straight up & down saing, she also has a mean pen. Her song “10 Seconds” is this weeks most played track!

You can support here & peep the video after the jump.