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Happy Birthday Day

Happy B’Day DJ Premier

Big happy birthday to the OG homie DJ Premier. Long before I met this legend he had already contributed to me as an artist in numerous ways. Then Get It Done/Click happened & changed my life forever. I could never ever thank Premier enough for contributing to my music career but what I could do is help him have his cake & eat it too. So for his 45th spin on this planet earth I had Con Amore bake up some of their usual goodness. What better to get a DJ for his birthday than Technic 1200’s Hit the jump for flicks of the cake.

Happy Born Day……TO ME!!

Shouts to the whole Internal Affairs Entertainment & The William Santi Group for sending the bawwwwse bornday shouts. Thanks homies….

Happy BirthDilla

Today take a sec to reflect on the man responsible for numerous CLASSIC musical contributions. Happy B Day Dilla Dawg. Today I’ll have a donut or two in your honor. Oh and in light of those 2 douche bag cops that pulled me over last night I’ll blast this.

P.S. I know this is the day Big Pun passed on as well, but I’d rather celebrate his date of birth than death.