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Nas on The Making of Illmatic w/

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I’ve been riding around to Illmatic for the last week. Easily one of THEE BEST hip hop LP’s ever made.

Raekwon – Rich & Black ft. Nas (Video)

You already know what this is…..GOOD LAWD!!! Shouts to Sean C & LV on the track.

Nas – Nasty (prod. Salaam Remi)

FINALLY some new Nasty Nas I can ride to. This is pretty dope right here, hope the LP offers the same. Somebody get this guy Rick Ross’ A&R!!

Slick Rick Interview on Kiss FM ’89

All my grown folks might remember Bob Slade’s week in review on Kiss FM. Here’s one from 1989 with Slick Rick The Ruler. He was on the air wildin’. Back to the drawing board, ya wimps! Hahaha classic ish.

Maino ft. Swizz, Jada, Joell & Jimmy – We Keep It Rockin’ (Video)

We finally we the visual to the record that’s rocking the city right now. I’m definitely digging the NY unity in this clip, mad cameos, plus my homies from Cavoda Vodka got a nice look in here. Hit the jump for that OG version tho’


Sauce Money on Rap Is Outta Control

We had the homie Sauce [ll] on Rap Is Outta Control a few weeks back. We spoke about ghostwriting, the current state of music & of course I had to ask what his relationship with Jay Z is like now. Full show & playlist after the jump.


The Sit Down With Dee Vazquez: Blog Rappers Vs. Street Rappers (Pt.2) (Video)

Dee Vazquez Sits Down With Skyzoo, Torae, Uncle Murda and Jason Rodriguez (Part 2) from on Vimeo.

Here’s the 2nd half of THIS. Shouts to Amber Ravenel

Media Gasface’s Where I’m From: Method Man (Video)

Where I’m From x Clifford Smith from Gasface on Vimeo.

Absolutely dig these vignettes to the fullest. It would take someone from France to come up with some authentic hip-hop shit though smh. Meth is one of my idols along with LL & Ice Cube just so yall know. I had the pleasure of filming one of these clips as well, peep it after the jump also hit up for more clips. Shouts to Matheieu Rochet.


Rihanna All Star Medley ft. Drake & Kanye

I didn’t get to see this live as I had to head to Sirius during the halftime show I gotta admit it wasn’t that bad. We all know Rihanna isn’t the best singer or dancer but she manages to rock this performance. She really gets sexier & sexier with each new project & make-over. Applaud her stylist for taking her career to the next level & Terius for giving her a smash hit!. During the “What’s My Name” performance the flirtation between her & Aubrey is blatantly obvious, leading me to believe he tagged at least once. Thank the Lawd for hip-hop my Canadian friend. Kanye’s outfit was uhhhh…..Kanye’s outfit. Nothing that guy wears shocks me anymore, but I am a little curious about the actual material his pants were made from?? *Blank Stare* Overall that was a dope halftime show waaaaaay better than the Superbowl’s. And I gotta say I’m very happy about how hip-hop rap R&B urban music was represented during the weekend in general. Cali Swag District, Keri Hilson, Melanie Fiona and more. Hats off to David Stern for green lighting those performers & giving them an opportunity to shine on such a grand stage.

The Sit Down With Dee Vazquez: Blog Rappers Vs. Street Rappers (Pt.1) (Video)

Dee Vazquez Sits Down with Big K.R.I.T., Skyzoo, Torae, Uncle Murda and Jason Rodriguez (Part 1) from on Vimeo.

I had a chance to sit with the amazing Dee Vazquez & a few homies to compare/contrast the “Blog Rapper” v. “The Street Rapper” a lot of interesting point were made here. Check out part 1. Shouts to Amber Ravenel on the link…

Chris Brown Lost

Nah he didn’t really lose cause he already deed that!!. But damn I bet that Ye’ video took him down memory lane like a muthaf*cker. Anyways yall KNOW I do this for my culture & so here’s a compilation of Robyn’s screen shots from “All Of The Lights”. Pics after the jump, enjoy!

Kanye West ft. Everyone on Earth – All Of The Lights (Video)

So as yall may or may not know I’m a huge Kanye West music fan & even though MBDTF is my least fav of all his LP’s it has some heat on it. I’m not crazy about this joint but between Ye’s Jordan 3’s, Cudi’s red leather & Rihanna’s blouse EVERYTHING it HAS to be posted! Enjoy “All of the Lights”…

Santana Claus ft. Weezy F. – Home Run (Video)

I can remember seeing the BTS for this vid like a year ago. Like before Wayne went & green screened everything pre-prison. Anywho it’s out now, Santana’s “Reagan Era” out soon.

Greg Nice on Rap Is Outta Control

Me & DJ Eclipse chop it up with Greg Nice on Rap Is Outta Control, where he tells a story about going over Russell Simmons’ head to do a song with New Kids On The Block & talks about the origin of the song title DWYCK. Great times kicking it with the legendary homie. Peep the flick after the jump…


“Rap Is Outta Control” Show 10/31/10 (Halloween Edition)

No guests this week, just LOTS of new DOPE music. Be sure to tune in every Sunday night 10-midnight EST on Sirius XM’s Hip Hop Nation (ch. 40/67 & The dish network). Playlist & download links after the jump.

Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” Album Art

So apparently this is what Kanye submitted as his album artwork & it was banned. No way they’d be able to put this in Walmart fam. Listen as an artist I’m about the art but this….is that a titty?? Hey what do I know, hell what do yall think about it??? Good ass job or too twisted & dark?

Nas chops it up with Tim Westwood

I swear I still play Illmatic at least twice a month…

If you can stomach Tim Westwood for this 10 mins check it out. If not I TOTALLY understand. & WTF is he dropping bombs for during the interview?? SMH, anyway Nas talks about Ye’ & RZA & Preem possibly being a part of the “magic moment” his new album will be. Speaking of Nas & Preem whatever happened to that collabo album? *keeps dreaming* classic Nas & Premier after the jump.


Did yall cop the Cop??

This @RickyRozay album has been all the rave on these interwebs & skreets. I’d like to know what you all think. Is it more hype then heat or vice versa. Lemme know something. I won’t weigh in just yet, but I will say “the new Biggie” NOT….

Anyways “Teflon Don” is out there now for your purchasing pleasure. As always if you feeling the music make sure you support it. Bawwwwse!!!