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5 Questions With Torae

The Industry Cosign’s head honcho Big Ced caught up with Torae for their infamous 5 Questions. See how Tor answered what he’d do differently if anything, what the future holds for him, his style of writing & more HERE or after the jump.

1. After being in the game for a couple of years, how is your outlook on the Hip-Hop scene from a musical point of view? And what will you do to make it what you feel it needs to be?

The hip-hop scene is in 2 places in my opinion. The indie scene & the mainstream scene. I think the indie scene is thriving right now. There are a lot of dope artists dropping quality material. The mainstream scene is ok, but the fact that there’s no diversity makes it stagnant. People are tired of hearing the same songs in rotation with the same subject matter all the time. As for what I’m doing, I’m making quality music I feel will be viewed as timeless in years to come.
2. If you could do anything over again, what would it be and why?

If I could do anything again it would be to release a little more content for the listeners. I think over the last 5 years although I dropped 5 projects there were still times I was too absent from the scene.

3. What are you doing differently now, as far as your approach with music, that you did when you first entered the Hip Hop game?
Now that I’ve dropped my debut LP I feel I can be a little more free with the sounds I experiment with. I can branch out a little bit more now because I’ve delivered that album with DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Diamond D, Large Pro etc. Now I can spread my wings a little more.

4. When you hear a beat, a track, what drives you to write? Do you have a particular method in how you write?
The beat is always the driving force. That’s what dictates the content 99% of the time. The beat talks to me & then I translate what it’s saying. I’m like the home stenographer. My only method is to make sure I get busy.

5. What are you working on now? What’s in the future for Torae?
Right now I’m working on a new mixtape set to drop top of 2013 with the homie Mick Boogie. Aside from that I’ve been dropping verses every day in a series I call #DailyBread where I go in the studio, pick an instrumental, write, record & drop it on the net. It’s been really dope to have the people’s feedback every day.

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