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Torae Pledges NY Knicks For Life

Former NY Knick John Starks & Torae

In celebration of the NBA season beginning this week, tipped things off with your favorite rappers boasting about their top teams. Our own Torae defends rocking with the New York Knicks over his borough’s Brooklyn Nets. Read it HERE.


Iman Shumpert Tries Out the iPhone 5

Man this guy Shump is wildington with the new iPhone. Hope he’s ready to go next season we need him at 100%. #Knicks

Amar’e Needs Better Friends

Amar’e Stoudemire, DeSean Jackson and Chris Bosh Biotch link up with the Cool Kids & cop some of Nike’s newest Max’s. Damn I need some of this Nike endorsement money too!!

Melo or Bron Bron via Rap Relapse

The good brothers at Rap Relapse asked my opinion on who was better LeBron or Carmelo. Check out what I had to say up top.

Face Tha Music ft. Torae – I’m About My Business (Video)

Me & the homie Face link up for a dope joint reppin’ the city. I’ll throw in the link for yall iPod enjoyment as well. I ran into my old school homie Michael Jackson & his 2 adorable kids during the filming, check the cameos. Shouts to Javier Goin for the vid & Amber J. on the connect.

I’m About My Business (Download)

Face Off – Jared Jeffries vs. Swizz Beatz

With the readdition of the homie Jared Jeffries to the Knicks roster I thought it’d only be right to have him in this edition of Face Off. During his first stint here I always thought he looked like Alicia’s new boo, now let’s see what you think. I like son’s game though, he plays hard and he doesn’t have to be a scorer on this Knicks team so I think he’ll be a good fit this time around. #NYKnicks


There was so much hype surrounding the Miami Heat this summer after the Decision that Miami was a shoe-in to win it all this year. We’ll as history has shown time & time again all that glitters aint gold. I’m a huge Lebron fan, but until that boy gets a killer instinct ala MJ or Kobe he’ll never be a champion. Here’s to the New New York’s victory over the “Big 3”. Salute…

Knicks Get A “W” in Melo/Billups Debut

I can’t say it enough & I’m sure my family is tired of hearing it as well but WE GOT MELO. I’m a Knick simple & plain I bleed orange & blue during basketball season & after damn near a decade of pure dismal madness, we finally have a squad again. It’s gonna take some time for the guys to get that chemistry together and lord knows we’re basically in March so we don’t have much time, but Melo put it best during his post game interview “towards the end of the game it came down to basketball”. Having Chauncey Billups as the point isn’t just a through-in either. He’s a veteran, a proven leader & a champion. I’m hoping our post season run is a good one but either way basketball is back in New York City.

Welcome To New York City

It’s been a long time, a long, long time, but it finally got done. As a LOYAL New York Knicks fan I’d like to welcome Carmelo & La La back to New York City. The official details after the jump. I’m very pleased we got Melo. A little pissed we had to give up Gallinari, Wilson Chandler and Timofey Mozgov to do it but that’s how it goes sometime. Overall I think this is a better team right now than what we had 48 hours ago. #Stat&Melo, #Stat&Melo