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Torae ft. Mike Shorey – Outta Here (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Watch the vid up top & if you love it grab the song here.

Playmate Francesca Frigo is Mars Blackmon

On May 31, 2011 when Playboy ranks the top 23 Air Jordans of all time in a feature starring Playmates Francesca Frigo, Jaime Edmondson, Jessica Burciaga, Patrice Hollis, Hiromi Oshima, Tiffany Taylor, Candice Cassidy, Kimberly Phillips and Heather Rae Young.

Pretty Girl Rock

I knew it was only a matter of time after this dropped, before Ms. Keri baby stripped down to bare it all & in the immortal words of Danny Boy “I aint mad atcha”. Apparently Allure Magazine does this annually. Spotted at Necole’s. Hit the jump for the full body shot.

Serena Williams

I mean what more needs to be said, besides DAMN.

Smashing Homies

I know Danger smashed the homies on season 1 of “For The Love of Ray J” but Caviar took it to a whole nother level with this. Elizabeth “Caviar” Ahmed is now an adult film star & goes by the name of Bethany Benz. I mean just like a lot of the girls on season 1, Caviar was banging! (pun intended) Pretty crazy she went this route as opposed to modeling or being a video vixen, but hey I know a lot of dudes are happy she did. Chicago Larry strikes again…


Torae – Outta Here Behind The Scenes (Video)

Well there were a lot of pictures & video taken last week at the “Outta Here” shoot so I’m gonna assume these will be rolling in, in the upcoming days. This BTS is courtesy of Rap Relapse, thanks fellas.

Omarion Lost…While Winning

See sh*t like this will get K-Ci & JoJo right back drinking again. I’m posting for OBVIOUS REASONS, hit that play, then mute & enjoy…

Rihanna All Star Medley ft. Drake & Kanye

I didn’t get to see this live as I had to head to Sirius during the halftime show I gotta admit it wasn’t that bad. We all know Rihanna isn’t the best singer or dancer but she manages to rock this performance. She really gets sexier & sexier with each new project & make-over. Applaud her stylist for taking her career to the next level & Terius for giving her a smash hit!. During the “What’s My Name” performance the flirtation between her & Aubrey is blatantly obvious, leading me to believe he tagged at least once. Thank the Lawd for hip-hop my Canadian friend. Kanye’s outfit was uhhhh…..Kanye’s outfit. Nothing that guy wears shocks me anymore, but I am a little curious about the actual material his pants were made from?? *Blank Stare* Overall that was a dope halftime show waaaaaay better than the Superbowl’s. And I gotta say I’m very happy about how hip-hop rap R&B urban music was represented during the weekend in general. Cali Swag District, Keri Hilson, Melanie Fiona and more. Hats off to David Stern for green lighting those performers & giving them an opportunity to shine on such a grand stage.

Torae – Love Is War ft. Lydia Caesar

This is by far one of my favorite records. I’ve had this beat for like 4 years I always wanted to use it but I never had the project, song idea etcetera so once I decided to do Heart Failure I pulled it out the stash. I played it for Lydia Caesar along with a few other but she loved this beat. She wrote the hook and bridge around my verses & then we tweaked a few words here & there together. The end result is Love Is War. It’s been a favorite of men & women since it’s release. I guess everyone can relate to being fed up in one way or another. Be on the look out for Lydia too, she’s an amazing singer, songwriter & performer…

Love Is War (ft. Lydia Caesar) | Alternate Link

Chris Brown Lost

Nah he didn’t really lose cause he already deed that!!. But damn I bet that Ye’ video took him down memory lane like a muthaf*cker. Anyways yall KNOW I do this for my culture & so here’s a compilation of Robyn’s screen shots from “All Of The Lights”. Pics after the jump, enjoy!

Kanye West ft. Everyone on Earth – All Of The Lights (Video)

So as yall may or may not know I’m a huge Kanye West music fan & even though MBDTF is my least fav of all his LP’s it has some heat on it. I’m not crazy about this joint but between Ye’s Jordan 3’s, Cudi’s red leather & Rihanna’s blouse EVERYTHING it HAS to be posted! Enjoy “All of the Lights”…

Blue Vodka > Blue Balls

Shouts again to the good folks at Pool Vodka for holding down the open bar at The #HeartFailure release party. They caught some dope footage (above) as well. Sidebar: I TOTALLY forgot to bring that bottle home with me, Bryan whattup??

Pillow Talk w/Lethal Lipps (Video)

So for my 2nd Pillow Talk installment I figured let’s really go there! And who better to go in with than adult film star Lethal Lipps. This interview was just as fun as the one with Dee, but in a whole different way. Enjoy!!

Taraji Says No To Fur!

That’s RIGHT!!! You tell ’em Yvette Taraji with ya nekkid self. Hahaha nah but in all seriousness fur for fashion sake is pretty primitive & brutal. Now I’m not fitna join PETA or throw paint on wifeys coat or anything, but for me the faux fur on my Triple Fat Goose is just fine. Salute Taraji for taking a stand….& salute that photographer. Common lost.

Onika On Marrying Aubrey

I still get 20 views a day from posting Nicki’s Vibe cover pics so for the sake of keeping my hits up I’ll keep the party going. Plus she’s hella easy on the eyes. Here she talks about her & Drake’s fake ass romance. I love the way yall feed into that stunt all while her real man is standing right next to her 99% of the time. Hey whatever works yall…Young Money!!

Hit the jump for the more Minaj madness.

Pillow Talk w/Dee Vazquez (Video)

In a constant effort to push the envelope in my viral campaigns I present to you a one on one interview series with a number of industry females entitled “Pillow Talk”. With the success of my inflowmercial & Double Barrel Tuesday clips I wanted to come with something new for the Heart Failure mixtape/EP. I think Pillow Talk will enlighten fans of these women while showcasing yet another side of me. First up is the lovely Dee Vazquez of Fuse TV, Hot 97 & Sirius XM. I hope you enjoy…

Lloyd Banks – I Don’t Deserve You ft. Jeremih

I’m never mad at a good “chick song”. Here’s the latest from Blue Hef ft. Jeremiha “Don’t Deserve You” off that HFM2 album.

Happy Birthday Babygirl

Dame won & Kells still aint sh*t

This post is in honor of what would have been Aaliyah’s 32nd birthday, rest in peace. Hit the jump for one of my favs off the last LP she recorded.

Ambrosia (Amber x Rosa)

Am I totally feeding into their publicity stunt? YES. Do I dig hot chicks kissing? YES. Are you gonna hit the jump to watch the video? YES. ‘Nuff said.

Spotted at the 2Dopehouse


Heart Failure Cover Shoot

Behind every great photo is a great photo shoot, well maybe not always but this one was pretty good. Shouts to the homie Photo Rob & the young lady in the pictures. Hell I’ll even be nice & add a stream of the song playing in the clip. “Let It Go” produced by Khrysis & featuring the lovely “sounds” of Mone Divine. Heart Failure mixtape Feb 14th & iTunes tagless version Feb 15th.

XXXtina Aguilera

I’m sure a camel-toe can’t be a healthy thing for the vajay-jay, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to see a good one every once in a while. This latest pic from the genie in a bottle grants Tor a nice wish. Thanks ma’…

Hit the jump for that Preemo x Christina joint. Charles whattup!!

Gucci’s Mans…

Initially I was posting this clip for Lil’ Kim’s ole Nicki Minaj hatin’ ass, but as I sat through the torture of waiting for her to take the stage I noticed something more disturbing then her new, new nose. Why in the f*ck are there 4 guys in army fatigue dancing to “Freak Gurl”?? Not that I’m saying have some half nekkid ladies on stage either I mean that’s what Kim is for but why have these horribly choreographed Q dog rejects up there. Wait, wait…do these niggas have on capris with fringes on the bottom?? iQuit!! Freaky indeed.

Onika Tanya Maraj covers VIBE

Nicki Minaj pics on the Torae blog?? Damn right!!! F*ck what you thought. This blog will reveal a lot about me if nothing else. Enjoy this til the mag drops or the other pictures leak….