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Santana Claus ft. Weezy F. – Home Run (Video)

I can remember seeing the BTS for this vid like a year ago. Like before Wayne went & green screened everything pre-prison. Anywho it’s out now, Santana’s “Reagan Era” out soon.

Onika On Marrying Aubrey

I still get 20 views a day from posting Nicki’s Vibe cover pics so for the sake of keeping my hits up I’ll keep the party going. Plus she’s hella easy on the eyes. Here she talks about her & Drake’s fake ass romance. I love the way yall feed into that stunt all while her real man is standing right next to her 99% of the time. Hey whatever works yall…Young Money!!

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Weezy Was A Rolling Stone

Dwayne Michael Carter graces the cover of the latest Rolling Stone magazine to talk about his bid in prison & his bid to get that #1 spot back, every post release verse I’ve heard from him has been stoopid. Carter IV coming soon!! Full interview here, spotted at the (2)dopehouse.

And for sh*ts & giggles…