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Radio Interview

Torae x Tony Touch Freestyle

You know how it goes when I go see the OG Tony Touch. Always an entertaining time to say the least & always BARS. Shouts to the Legend Toca & the fam Ron Mills & Al Lindstrom.


DJ Premier Says No Ghostwriters at BET Cypher

This casual convo from last Sunday’s Rap Is Outta Control has taken on a life of it’s own since it hit the net. DJ Eclipse was out & Preem was filling in with me, our loyal listener/caller Greg from upstate ALWAYS has an intriguing question or two & the rest as they say is history.


Rap Is Outta Control (9/18/11)

No guests on Sunday just a bunch of music. We used sendspace for the links this week as fileswap was trippin’. Once you click the links below that brings you to the sendspace page you should then click the second link (not the one on top). Click the one that says “click here to start download from sendspace”. Playlist after the jump.

Hour 1 (tracks 1 – 13)
Hour 2 (tracks 14 – 25)


Rap Is Outta Control (9/11/11) w/Apathy, Motive, Rasheed Chappell & Kenny Dope

On Sunday we had a full house with Demigodz representatives Apathy & Motive as well as Rasheed Chappell & Kenny Dope. Ap’s new album “Honkey Kong” is out now and so is Rasheed’s “Future Before Nostalgia” which is entirely produced by Kenny Dope. Jokes, info, music and a mean freestyle can all be heard below, I wanted to jump in but we ran out of time. Playlist after the jump.

Hour 1
Hour 2


Rap Is Outta Control (9/4/11) w/OuterSpace

Outerspace were our guests Sunday on “Rap Is Outta Control”. Their new album “My Brother’s Keeper” is out now on Enemy Soil Records. Check the show to hear some joints off their album as well as the ill rhyme session at the end. We also premiered a new cut off of Evidence’s “Cats & Dogs” album which comes out in 3 weeks. And big shout out to my man DJ Premier who stopped by at the beginning of the show to recap on this past weekends Rock The Bells concert in NY. His set with Nas, AZ & Pete Rock was monumental. The unexpected performance of “Live From The BBQ” with Fatal, Akinyele & Large Pro was a once in a lifetime experience. And MC Serch also made an appearance marking the first time that him and Nas ever performed “Back To The Grill”. Playlist after the jump.

Hour 1
Hour 2


Rap Is Outta Control (8/21/11)

Here’s last weeks RIOC show. No guests but there were plenty of new joints to play. Also, Eclipse will be filling in for DJ Premier this Friday as he’s out with Nas on the Rock The Bells tour. You can catch him (usually) along with Panchi on Fridays on “Live From HeadQCourterz” on Hip Hop Nation Sirius XM and then Torae, J57 and myself on Sunday nights on “Rap Is Outta Control”. 10pm-12am. Playlist after the jump.




Rap Is Outta Control (8/14/11) w/Timbo King

Here’s Sunday’s show with our Wu-affiliated guest Timbo King. You can get his album “From Babylon To Timbuktu” on Aug. 30 when it drops. A few joints from the album can be heard on the show below as well as a mean freestyle at the end. Don’t let anyone tell you there isn’t any good music out there. They just don’t know where to look. Matter of fact two friends of mine dropped albums today worth getting. Slaine “A World With No Skies 2.0” and Median “The Sender”. Support the artists that you like and radio shows like these that provide an alternative to what’s become the norm in “mainstream rap music”.

Hour 1 (tracks 1-13)
Hour 2 (tracks 14-26)


Rap Is Outta Control (7/24/11) w/Sadat X

Below are links from this past Sunday’s show with guests Sadat X & Will Tell who just dropped their album “No Features” which is available digitally. Hit the jump for playlist.

Hour 1 (tracks 1-14) Link
Hour 2 (tracks 15-27) Link


Rap Is Outta Control (DJ Finesse fill-in 7/17/11)

Here’s last weeks RIOC show. Premier & DJ Supa Dave stopped through to hang and the great DJ Finesse filled in for Eclipse, his Guru live tribute was unreal. Playlist & links after the jump.


Rap Is Outta Control (7/10/11) w/DJ JS-1 & Vast Aire & Double AB

Here’s Sunday’s RIOC show with guests DJ JS-1 who just dropped his album “No One Cares” and Vast Aire who’s album “OX 2010: A Street Odyssey” is out as well. Joints from both albums along with other new music can be heard on the show. And make sure you check Vast and Double AB’s freestyle session at the end. Hit the jump for playlist & links.