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Torae Pledges NY Knicks For Life

Former NY Knick John Starks & Torae

In celebration of the NBA season beginning this week, tipped things off with your favorite rappers boasting about their top teams. Our own Torae defends rocking with the New York Knicks over his borough’s Brooklyn Nets. Read it HERE.

It’s definitely New York Knicks for life.

I can’t just switch allegiances during the course of a summer. But I do represent Brooklyn. I’m BK all day. I’m definitely going to go to some games and I’m going to support the Nets from afar. But as far as my allegiance and what I’m repping, I’m New York Knicks forever.

They’re supposed to play each other in the season opener, I’m definitely predicting a close game but with a Knicks victory.

But the Nets are a good organization. They’ve got a good owner that’s willing to spend some money and Jay-Z being a minority owner is going to bring in a lot of attention and marketing and media to the franchise.

It’s all good [for the Nets]. I’m not sure if they have the most talented team because it’s a team sport. They have talented guys but we’re talking about a team. We’re talking abut guys that have been accumulated to working well together. That takes time. So I don’t think they’re going to have a phenomenal season out the gate. But they’ll be okay.

The Knicks definitely should be well. They’ve had a chance to gel and they’ve been together for a few seasons. They’ve had some bumps in the road, but every season there’s been trades to get Carmelo [Anthony] and Tyson [Chandler], so I feel like they’ve gotten better. This season is really the season for them to show and prove because they’ve had a off-season and pre-season to get together and prepare.

I’m excited to see what they’ll do this season. There’s no more excuses. There’s no lockout, there’s no shortened season. Now it’s time to see what they’re made of.

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