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Torae – Nothin’ 2 Lose (Freestyle)

Torae over Pete Rock production just works so well. Lyrics after the jump. #DailyBread

Most requested the last time me & Pete connected
The shit was that raw, for the record
I came back to wreck shit
You all should expect least expected
Beat is still hectic time to get on some next shit
As for next I got the mixtape dropping
Me & Mick Boogie that shit is fitna be poppin
David said pen everyday fuck is you stopping
Blogs is on board the people watchers is watching
I’m tryna fuck up the season setting with my shit
Winter intentions to be the hottest
07 was modest but you ain’t respect a nigga progress
5 years later I’m greater than lotta artist
5 years later I made me a couple dollars
Outta ocean towers & been to the Eiffel Tower
Passports brolic stupid stamps from rocking
EMC tour I opened that shit was poppin
Barrel Brothers tour with me & Sky was hot then
Toured Double Barrel my nigga Marco was Stockton…
I’m still talking all that Jazz
Talking Kyra Chaos look at all that ass
You aint talking bout bread gotta talk that fast
But we can get it chopped & screwed if you talk that cash
I’m bout a dollar bout by the collar
On the set my nigga Holla
And a lot of rapper suck like most they bitches a swallow…
But pardon me for keeping it true
Type of shit other rappers don’t do
A lot of rapper don’t move like I move got a groove like I groove
Gotta win cuz I got nothing to lose

2 responses

  1. Ill shit

    October 28, 2012 at 1:01 AM

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