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My 2 Cents on: Kendrick Lamar’s “good kid m.A.A.d city”

Since everybody is a critic these these days I decided to add my 2 cents into the mix. First off let me say if you didn’t PURCHASE this CD or legally download it FOH with your opinion. It cost $9.99 or more to make a comment round here. Check my thoughts on the album after the jump.

So just so you’re clear I am in no way, shape, form, or fashion down with or affiliated with Kendrick, TDE, Dre, Aftermath or anybody else making money off this project. What I am is a fan of hip-hop & a consumer and that entitles me to have an opinion on the music. This album is DOPE! Point blank. Is every song the greatest? No. Will it be looked at as classic debut in years to come? Maybe, but the fact remains this shit goes. I for one am a fan of cohesive story telling through a project & I feel like I got that with GKMC. In fact the story is weaved so well that it makes me enjoy the songs I don’t like all that much. I think Kendrick pulled off a difficult task in giving the label something they could sell while sticking to his lyrical guns. I’m not a day one Kendrick nigga, in fact this is the first full project I’ve ever heard from him. I will however go back & cop section 80 now as a result. GKMC makes me feel like I’m on the scene watching this “short film”. I feel like I’m rolling through Compton with Kendrick & the homies through their escapades. Musically this album delivers something for my love of MUSIC. It’s westcoast, southern, funky, jazz, trap all that without being all over the place. Lyrically songs like “good kid”, “Sing About Me, Dying of Thirst” & “Real” give me chills in how detailed & vivid they are. “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe”, “Money Trees” & “Poetic Justice” serve as dope joints for when I’m in the mood to just have a good time, clown around or groove with the opposite sex. “Compton” is major, but I’m such a Just Blaze fan I feel biased even mentioning it. I’m not saying this album is without flaw, but I think as a whole project it’s dope & it’s something to check for. I copped on Wednesday & haven’t stopped playing it since. Replay value is important to me & the more I listen the doper it gets. Shout to Kendrick for taking risks & making a dope LP.

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