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Torae – Like It Or Love It (Freestyle)

Shouts to Dean Brown, for the suggestion. It’s request week folks, hit up Lyrics after the jump. #DailyBread

They like Tor dropping crazy shit daily how long til it’s up
Til he start to stagnant how long til he suck
Before he fail or give up, for as long as I feel like
I’m Conrad Murray In this bitch yea I kills Mike’s
But rest in peace to the King of Pop
From King of the block
Your bitch named me she’s the queen of my cock
I’m tired of telling motherfuckers I get busy with bars
It’s like Mercedes getting busy with cars
Or Superhead getting busy with stars
Or **** people getting busy with SARS
I’m Sean favorite yall believe in the God P!!
I always wanted to do that
Never catch me spots your favorites rappers get food at
But Farmer In The Deli Kum Kau out on Myrtle I do that
Even my menu Brooklyn who do that
I do it I’m true that
Had money and blew that moved out & I moved back
CI where the hood at they with me
The last real nigga to get a deal was 50
Somebody tell Em come and get me
yo Dre I’m in the city
I need a couple of beats that fit me
And I ain’t talking head phones you feel me
I need some of that Interscope island Def jam Sony send a quote
Tell Sylvia Rhone that the kid is dope s end a note
But fuck it all a label is good for is budgets
And then it’s still IA or nothing
I’m moving with the public
Watch this following year how I’m dumbing
I sense something special is coming
I sense I’m a run it and niggas had no sense yea they fronting
So when the tables turn I’m expensing they budget
I’m not here to fuck with
Kill em all get the duckets and you can either like it or love it.

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