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Torae – Keepin’ It Tor (Freestyle)

Shouts to Chris Biv, for the suggestion. I’m always indecisive when picking these beats. Lyrics after the jump. #DailyBread

I need my name ring to bells when the Convo come up who really spitting
You seen me on Sway freestyle or written
How I get it with the penning off the dome any condition
I’m cancer to niggas rappers go in remission
I’m rapping like on a mission for those that really get it
If you ain’t mention Tor SlaugherHouse and Kendrick
And J Cole niggas that they saying is ill
I’m a make sure the Daily Bread your heaviest meal
Nigga Bova said Reezy gotta go for the kill
Amber told me I should go for the deal
I just do what I feel
I hear it I love it I write it record
When you do it from the heart the shit is seldom adored
Oxymoron these niggas got bottles getting they pour on
Guess who losing if you keep the score on
I’m keeping it Raw
I’m keeping it real I’m keeping it Tor
Keep a good booking agent that’ll keep me on tour
Be in Italy next week Germany month after
I’m getting to the money but niggas is much faster
They laughing to the bank and all I hear is the laughter
This underground shit is a disaster
Ask yourself what you think I do this shit for my health
Or a nigga trya get to the wealth
Get my shit off the shelf
It’s daily Convo double barrel for the record
Off the record and heart failure complete the checklist (II)
And if you got all of them tho
Spread the word so your people’s a know

2 responses

  1. appreciate the shout man. destroyed it as always

    October 23, 2012 at 8:28 PM

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