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Torae – Hear Ye, Hear Ye (Freestyle)

I took it elsewhere tonight, Friday night lights. Lyrics after the jump. #DailyBread

Another day another daily
Big shouts to the sites that’s taking care of me
Had to switch it up to be sure you niggas is hearing me
I got down to the Roots like where your hair be
Hear ye hear ye can I have your attention
This innovation’s in need of an intervention
They call it hating I call it having opinion
I been convicted for tryna speak with conviction
That how they did MLK
Ladies play the back of the bus the front ain’t safe
Chicks is getting upper cutted the labels cutting your budget
That’s how they do the people the public shit is repugnant
The reason why I MC
Bout to start the revolution over mp3
Gotta have a resolution over MTV
But J Wow & Pauly D got more money than me
Sheeeeeit what does it all mean
A nigga better off being a coon on the small screen
I’m tryna kill the germs like the pool & the chlorine
They giving em morphine and making them more fiends
Oxymoron at best
Its time we wake up and put the morons to rest think about it….


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