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Torae – Vixens (Freestyle)

Definitely sleeping on the couch once this posts. #DailyBread

Sidebar: B.I.G would have a field day if he was still around. Lyrics after the jump.

Gotta figure as long as Kyra keep Practicing
Sasha keep actressing
It be a long time fore Tor gone be abstinent
I be on my smashing shit world class wrecking crew
I’m tryna scrape it, tryna tape the shit & let it loose
Rosa still flexible then I can’t bend
And if Draya in the game shit I got no wins
Yo it’s scary type of shit I would do to Tahiry
Gimme 15, maybe 20 & she’ll be wanting to marry
She be liking it buried shit then I get deep
You can say I’m sleeping over but will not get sleep
And I got no beef if a nigga wanna claim
Any shorty that I name I just need em on retainer
I keep one in the chamber couple more in the clip
So if Bria’s on the phone Keyshia Dior on my hip
Daphne Joy in the whip
She got a passion for Benz
Never push the 2 seater when I’m out with the twins
Joyce and Debra nigga need a Viagra & Allegra
I’m allergic to whenever both of them are not together
Shit is hard on a nigga
I guess I need a prayer, call God for a nigga
Cause I need me a Angel
Or Lola Monroe or whatever she try to change to
Call me Reezy, call me easy shit I’m tryna make a change too
I’m tryna work the angles while working the curves
In the winter I be whipping, Summer Walkers preferred
Double meaning Maliah you on fire for a reason
Baby hotter than July and I would never lie on Stevie
Lost my Lauren to Weezy he shot that club
If I get Vanessa Veasley I’m right back up
Let me wife that up
Melly Ford if you with it
Then it’s on hit the horn I’ll be right there in a minute
Nah I’m only kidding
Bullshitting & tripping
Gotta cancel my subscription fucking Vibe sent the Vixen to my crib…

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