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Torae – 9PM In Brooklyn (Freestyle)

Title is self explanatory, so are the rhymes. Lyrics after the jump. #DailyBread

We know this nigga ain’t rapping over no Drake shit
We don’t like fake shit
We don’t want nothing doesn’t sound like the basement
We wanna keep you in place kinda complacent
Cause we don’t want your Murder to get you places that Mase went
Keep all the greatness right here for our self
We don’t want our favorite rappers getting near to the wealth
We don’t want a million albums getting cleared off the shelf
We just wanna file share so we can hear it our self
We don’t want you getting hot once they know what we got
we can’t keep you in our own little box
we can’t book you in our own little spots
Get our own like props
Put you in shitty hotels pay a thousand to rock
Nah we don’t want that this is where Diddy a come ask
Who the dopest new nigga then scoop you up dumb fast
Get you up outta the projects and hit you with dumb cash
And you change when you jump to the Benz from the bus pass
Then youngin I must ask
What’s it really mean if I never get the cover of another magazine
My mother never hear me on the radio & scream
If I never make the come up from the rummage to the scene
Is it all really worth it if I don’t make a profit but was here for a purpose
Cuz it’s a thin line between invaluable & worthless
Cuz it’s a thin line from infallible to perfect
I’m out here tryna work it
I’m out here tryna purchase a crib I wanna leave to my kids
Want them to have the shit that I never did
So I gotta get a gig or a gig
Either I’m working or the crowd getting merked
But shit it gotta be big
Go from ashy to classy I gotta be big
Nigga need a bail out like the economy did
Shit if Romney get then all this shit is smoked
So I ain’t talking to the blacks when I say niggas better vote
You niggas better hope the next one through the rope
In the rap VIP is actually somebody that’s dope
If we don’t get a quote then this shit is a wrap
It’s just 9pm in Brooklyn & I’m telling you the facts x 2

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  1. SALZ


    October 8, 2012 at 9:37 PM

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