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Torae – Where I Be (Freestyle)

Best city in the best country in the world. I’m always on my New York shit. Lyrics after the jump. #DailyBread

I ain’t gotta talk about the city I was born & raised
You can tell I’m New York from the songs I’ve blazed
How I walk how I talk all the noise I’ve made
How I wear my Yank fitted, how I sport my J’s
And they always say, Yo Tor bring New York back
Well nigga where the fuck is New York at
Matter fact nigga where the fuck is NY not
Cuz I done been plenty places all across the map
A lot of niggas in Toronto that’ll buss they gat
Even down in H Town and north cackalack
Got some homies in Atlanta trapped in that trap
Chi town & Indiana niggas still on crack
And I’m still on tracks only doing what the fuck I know
Don’t matter where the fuck I go
Got a budget got a flyer tell em book that show
Tryna get it in Ohio like the Buckeyes tho
See the fact still remains that the product doesn’t change
If its dope its just coming from a lot if different strains
I remain in the game top 5 new niggas where my name
Next to Sky next to Sha next to me
Give a fuck to whoever disagree
Nigga got a problem tell them niggas put it on a beat
If he not a rapper tell him bring it to the street
You on my Instagram you know where I be


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