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Torae – Product (Freestyle)

I stumbled upon one of my favorite joints ever “Move Around” & had to make it the #DailyBread. Lyrics after the jump.

Ok I’m still at it
Still tryna bring y’all 9:15 madness
Still tryna feed yall 9:15 habit
Nigga they still asking
They still fiending for more they still addicts
It’s still product I’m giving em free
So when you wanna get work you should get it from me
Came back off a sample nigga wanted a key
Had the 8s in New York like I was running with Spree
You new niggas my JRs
Only Knicks fans & niggas that handle grams understand what I played off
You still way off
Nigga I still spray off, still keep a girl in the ghetto I’m still 8 Off
It’s still niggas yelling free Bump J
Until he back in the streets nigga we bump Rae
Tor that is, that’s giving you the Raw that is
A good fitted & a flawless bitch
That’s how you know me
It’s either that or I’m tucked in the lab to make sure that u heard that new
I’m still low-key
Either you get it or you don’t
No diminishing the venom in my quotes
It’s still been a minute since the way a nigga pen it gave em hope
It’s been for years since you went to vote
Lotta niggas sleeping what I’m speaking in the speakers got you woke
Any product I’m distributing is dope!


3 responses

  1. Missymix30

    I love it do ur thing torae I wanna be in a video ok… Lol..

    October 4, 2012 at 8:54 AM

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