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Torae – Rap Average (Freestyle)

I’m starting to get in the swing of this. R.I.P to the great J Dilla, I’m sure we would’ve made some amazing music together. Thanks again to everyone spreading the music everyday. Word of mouth WORKS!! Lyrics after the jump #DailyBread

Ok back at it, rap habit, clap at it
Spazmatic, charismatic, batting over 100 my rap average
Y’all average, I’m greater, cross fader
Hi Hater, why wait a, nother minute I’m giving you live data
Live data, Daily Bread
I’m cooking you daily fed
Yea he said he get head
Leave em wet pee the bed
Pita bread, humus spread
Brooklyn Way love is spread
Youngin said
Trapping cuz dictionarian rap is dead
He was right we was wrong
Hit single selling songs
For The Record I’m just blessed in the fact that my heat is on
Nia Long Sky shit
Lauren London my chick
Dream Deferred that my word
You need to go cop it
Cop 6, Cop 10 they did it in Compton
They did it for SlaughterHouse
Bought em out store was out
All we bought penning great
And repping the city straight
How the future faces of New York gone sound like other states
Dire straight what we in
What that mean come again
I just like the rappers that a rap bout how that money spend
Dummin down got em dumb
Smarten up over come
Martin Luther the King didn’t die for this ratchet run
But fuck it they getting funds having fun catching stunts
And in the end ain’t that all a nigga really wants….

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