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Torae – Reezy Baby (Freestyle)

Salute to everyone checking these out on the day to day basis. Make sure you tell a friend, spread the links & posts. Word of mouth WORKS!! Lyrics after the jump #DailyBread

Can’t touch the untouchable
Rush the unrushable, crush the uncrushable
It’s Reezy baby I make it look easy baby
I’m certified heat, body the beat believe me baby
You see me baby I’m Brooklyn from the top of my fit
To the letters that I got on my kicks
This pairs is 1 of 50 not many can get
But I got mine direct big shout out to Clark Kent
I’m out to talk shit cuz humble got em snoozing
And I’m tired of niggas asking if I’m still doing the music
Tell em I’m out in Munich, Hamberg & Medebach
You gotta pardon if I missed a meeting on the block
Nigga I’m on the clock on the job on the watch
Mel & Doug keep my wrist fluded unorthodox
I’m the Internal Affairs front office ahk
You ain’t hear, like a balding spot
Everybody say they Spaulding stock is not ballin
If you ain’t on the 4G then stop calling
And if its under 4Gs it’s not all in
That mean me & Holla ain’t performing
I don’t record for nobody don’t believe in my worth
So stop hashtaggin these labels when I’m dropping my work
No shots if I was shooting lotta shit a get merked
I just had to say it loud enough that shit a get heard
Man this shit is unheard all this shit is my word
And I could talk about bread but that shit for the birds
I just talk em off the ledge my shit for the curb
Nigga get a check on the 1st & broke on the 3rd
Being broke is absurd pity party preferred
It’s Daily Bread cuz I give you the word, nigga Church!


One response

  1. Missymix30

    Lmao @ get a chk on the first & broke on the 3rd im weak…

    October 4, 2012 at 9:00 AM

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