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Torae – Varnell Hill (Freestyle)

2 days in a row, wow Christmas came early this year. Tonight Tor is going over some dope DJ Premier instrumental. Lyrics after the jump. #DailyBread

I show up, I get busy
Varnell Hill for real did you miss me
If it ain’t about no paper then miss me
Cause that I can’t bare I’m on my grizzle
I’m on the interstate, outta state
Off the stage on the plane
Then touchdown in your town do it all again
From the sunny to the muddy sleet snow or rain
Getting to the money, til he call my name
But as long as I’m alive I thrive on catching bodies
The underground Unsub word to Hodges
Criminal minds on my mind don’t mind me
That been my mind state since Kris pumped in my lobby
You thinking KRS I’m talkin bout my nigga Lo
From 2-3rd in C.I then you get it tho
A quadruple entendre I’m good at those
Try to point em out or you miss it tho
If you ain’t get it tho get it low
Get in line give & go
The New Testament pent
How I Christen flows
That pre-requisite spit, I distribute those
First you take a class then you listen close
I’m a professor at bars, did the math with professor at large
Y’all was still looking at the front doors
What more do you want God
If I ain’t on your favorite song
You mother fuckers probably listening wrong


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