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Torae – The Future (Freestyle)

Torae was feeling generous & decided to let this one go tonight. We hope this happens a little more often, don’t you? Produced by King I Divine. Lyrics after the jump #DailyBread

The Bars what I give ’em
The project windows riding the rhythm
Double meaning if I didn’t point it out would you get ’em
I shout my hood & then I start spitting
Every nigga need a signature sound is what they told me
Figured they know me by now how I OD
Cause if you don’t know me by now you’ll never me know
Giving em Jewelz Word Life shout to OC
My Co D gone hold me down seeing that code 3
Come in the spot and take shots like he Kobe
You know me to go beast & go street on those beats
But never rapping on yours homie cuz those weak
My old street who I do this for
So even when they ain’t there it’s like we all on tour
Took your girl on the road now she all on Tor
And she play the D well, but I’m still gone score
Get it, bet you don’t I bet she does
I’m the heart of the city shit it ain’t no love
Keep my hand on the heat cuz it ain’t no gloves
If everybody doing them then it ain’t no us
And it ain’t no rush going to cop yo shit
Like a mason indication how you drop those bricks
And I ain’t gone quick so you Better get used ta
Torae, IA we the future


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  1. Duck Down Entaprizez


    September 29, 2012 at 7:56 PM

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