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Torae – Paradise ft. Prestige & Marvalyss

The homie Young Cee hit me up a few weeks ago & asked me to jump on this beat. He told me he wanted to feature 2 other artists on it that got busy. I trusted he wouldn’t be pushing no wackness so I agreed, Paradise is the end result. This one is on the house yall, I’ll even throw in my lyrics after the jump. Enjoy

Going through the motions, bragging & boasting
Living through the sounds of the town that I’m toasting
Aint no commotion not a lot of press
Never did a song where I stated we the best
If you ask I say yes you mutha fucking right
Cause can’t another author that awesome I write
Often ignite going off got ya hype
Iv(erson) at the allstar crossing the Mike
But rather be the mogul, than get lost in the lights
A lot of shining jewels never made niggas bright
I made niggas plights that much better
Caring bout the craft every line, every letter
Who gone do the math, had to grab Large Professor
Non second guesser, standing bold in my pose, while you fold under pressure
I behold nothing lesser, than legendary
Been on mute to the masses but all the legends hear me huhh
Still the gift & the curse
How I live in my life is what you get in the verse
Body somebody its like I wrote this shit in a hearse
2nd rate rap writers why you here in the 1st place
You don’t hear me tho
Ever since Dres pulled them 9s on Arsenio
I was locked in to them songs on the radio
Broads in the video, never switched up I put on for my city yo
Still live from Madison Square
You can dress retro but yo ass wasn’t there yeah
Still live from Madison Square
You can dress retro but yo ass wasn’t there muthaf*cker


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