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For The Record In-store at Brooklyn Beats

Aight NY (and surrounding areas) here’s your chance to grab a copy of For The Record. I know a lot of yall don’t do iTunes & or online ordering (mainly cause yall aint got no credit or debit cards, hahaha) well I’m here to remedy the situation. Team Torae hooked up with the fine folks at Brooklyn Beats to bring you a For The Record pop-up store & signing. This Saturday from the hours of 3-5pm I’ll be downtown in the heart of Brooklyn signing copies of For The Record at Dekalb Market. If you have yet to hit up DeKalb Market now is the perfect time. They have a bunch of dope shops to check out & of course you can cop a CD or 2 from me as well. Torae signing + Holla spinning = You winning. Look forward to seeing you all soon. #getinvolved


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