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Where To Find For The Record

The plight of an indie artist not willing to conform & go mainstream can be a lonely one. Yea I dropped the same day as Wale, but not in the same places. A lot of (not all) chain stores aren’t willing to stock indie albums anymore. It’s bad enough the majors aren’t moving a lot units so they’ll be damned if they’re gonna pick up projects with less push than that. That said most Best Buys & FYE aren’t carrying “For The Record”. Here’s a list of spots that ARE carrying the CD & to them I am grateful. If you must have a CD try one of these spots or you can order physical copies from UGHH, Fat Beats & Amazon as well as getting ’em direct from me at shows (which shall be happening in the near future). Thanks for the support folks. List of stores after the jump.

Access Music San Diego CA USA
Amoeba Records-Berk Berkeley CA USA
Amoeba Records-LA Los Angeles CA USA
Amoeba Records-SF San Francisco CA USA
BK Music Richmond VA USA
Bull Moose Portland ME USA
CD Game Exchange Eugene OR USA
Criminal Records Atlanta GA USA
Fat Beats Brooklyn NY USA
Groove Attack Gmbh Cologne Germany
HHV Handels GmbH Berlin Germany
Independent Records Colorado Springs CO USA
Newbury Comics Brighton MA USA
Obese Records Melbourne Victoria Australia
Play Da Record in Buffalo NY USA
Reckless Records (Milwaukee) Chicago IL USA
Rock & Soul New York NY USA
Silver Platters Seattle WA USA
The Sound Garden Baltimore MD USA
Underground Hip Hop Boston MA USA
Zia Enterprises Phoenix AZ USA


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